Handheld Order Devices

Cash Drawers


We use only the best cash drawers with our solutions, ensuring that our customers receive the best quality, and most secure solutions.



Money Tray Inserts


We provide a full range of inserts which cater for various cash drawers allowing you to manage your money in a more organised and productive manner.




magnetic card reader


All of our cash registers come with various keys, from manager keys to operator keys. Please get in touch with us if you need any more.


Till Rolls

chip and pin systems


The vast range of Till Rolls offered by ACR.

ACR supply an extensive range of till rolls for cash registers, thermal printers, kitchen printers, credit card machine and many more.

Cards & Card Printing



If you require a new ribbon for your cash register then we can provide them for you, with a wide range of ribbons already in stock.


Ribbons and Ink Rollers



Many of our basic cash registers use ink rollers and ribbons, which can still be supplied by ACR..



Wet Covers

barcode printer


Wet covers are used to protect your cash register from unnecessary dirt and spillages. Each cash register model has its own specific wet cover.