Handheld Order Devices

Handheld Order Devices


Wireless hand held ordering terminals such as Orderman and the Sharp UPX200 can be interfaced with our EPOS solutions, allowing orders to be transmitted directly from the customers table to the order dispense printers and straight onto the customer's bill. Benefits include:

  • Help eliminate incorrect orders
  • Prompting condiment information (i.e. Rare, Medium, Well done)
  • Giving full kitchen instructions (i.e. special dietary requirements / alterations to the meal)
  • Key staff members to take orders, and less skilled staff serving products
  • Efficiency of service and improved customer service


Hotel PMS (Property Management System) Interface


Hotel PMS interfaces enable guests' sales to be posted directly to their room account from the point of sale, and pay for them at checking out. The clerk simply enters the room number, or swipes the customer's room card, the guest's name is then displayed allowing the clerk to confirm the posting. A receipt with signature line can be automatically issued. Posting a transaction to the PMS is done in real-time.


Cashless System


magnetic card reader


Cashless payment can be incorporated within our systems, via either MCR (Magnetic card reader) cards or smart cards. A typical cash sale takes from 20-40 seconds compared to a card transaction of 3-10 seconds. A cashless system will substantially reduce queuing, which is ideal for large volumes of traffic in a short restricted period of time.

These systems are particularly suitable for members clubs, contract catering and school meal environments, with the latter eliminating the requirement for the child to carry cash, having a profound social impact.



Customer loyalty can be implemented using schemes such as points systems or price matrices and discount rates depending on your chosen solution. Points can be accumulated and redeemed at the point of sale as well as the back office system and customers can be activated and 'hot-listed' as desired. Loyalty systems are a proven incentive for customers to return to your business and increase spending.


Chip and Pin


chip and pin systems


A number of approved Chip & Pin solutions can be linked to your chosen system. The solutions include fixed Chip & Pin terminals and mobile terminals that are ideal for table service. Advantages of chip and pin come in the shape of reduced authorisation times, increased security and full transactional information is instantly available.


Retail Scales



Many of our EPOS systems can link with a range of checkout scales from Avery Berkel, allowing for weighed items at the point of sale to be automatically added to the customers transaction by simply placing the product on the scale and selecting the correct product on the EPOS terminal. Retail printing scales can also produce in house weighed and price embedded barcode labels that can be scanned at the EPOS terminal.



Barcode Scanners



Barcode scanners from major manufacturers such as Metrologic and Symbol can be added to all of our EPOS terminals and the vast majority of cash registers. Scanners are used to speed up the transaction process within your outlet allowing for efficient and accurate product entry, with the minimal of staff training.


Barcode Label Printers

barcode printer


Dedicated barcode printers can be interfaced to our EPOS systems to produce store specific shelf edge and product labels. Product description, logo, department, barcode and price are amongst the fields that can be used to format the label designed within the back-office software.




Data Capture Devices

data capture device


Data capture devices can be linked to our EPOS systems and used to process orders, stock takes and price checking. Your product information is held on the device, allowing for instant updates of stock levels in real time or via a docking system to your stock control software. The advantages of this include greater accuracy, along with a quicker process giving a more efficient operation.